Massage Therapy: Relaxation For Your Body

In the United States, back pain has become public ailment no. 1. For many people, back pain considerably impairs their ability to do and enjoy the things they perform on a daily basis. Massage has proven to be an effective means of preventing back and joint pain. Our selection of massage options will help you live a more relaxed and pain free life.


Our Theraputic Specialties include:


  • Preventative Massage Therapy: using muscle mechanics and resistance to relax the muscles and increase range of motion
  • Reiki Treatments: using the theory of metaphysics to aid the body to heal itself through energy and relaxation.
  • Corrective Care Therapy: strengthens and conditions muscles after injury.




Preventative Massage Therapy:       

          60 min session - $125                     4 sessions - $380           


**** Please call our office for a list of Family Plans


Corrective Care Therapy:

          60 min session - $140                     4 sessions - $460

*** includes sports massage and rehabilitation therapy


Reiki Treatments:

          50 min session - $140                   4 sessions - $460